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Finding the biggest flower in the world in the Cameron Highlands

We spent three days in the Cameron Highlands, and were pleased to spend one of those on the hunt for the biggest flower in the world. Cameron Secrets' Full Day Discovery Tour helped us find not one, but two flowers, and showed us more of what the highlands has to offer...


The Rafflesia Arnoldii has no roots or leaves and it can weigh up to 22 pounds. Once in bloom it only lasts a few days before decomposing. This means that your chances of seeing one are relatively rare, so reliance on a local guide is almost always necessary. We were fortunate to see two Rafflesia in bloom during a humid hike in the highlands on a full-day tour with our hostel, Fathers Guest House.

What else can I see in the Cameron Highlands?


After our sweaty trek to find a Raflesia, we visited the Mossy Forest. The moist, misty environment of Mount Brinchang has resulted in a tropical green landscape. The bounciness of the mossy ground is something we’d never felt before, and the views across the mountain range from Brinchang Look Out Tower were brilliant. Our guide told us about the history of the area and showed us lots of different plants, including the pitcher plants, or Monkey Cups.


With the largest combined acreage of tea gardens in Malaysia, the Boh Plantation is a must-visit for an tea-lover! You can watch how tea is made in the factory, try some of the tea and have a slice of cake to go with it. We picked some up as souvenirs for our loved ones back home, too. 

Cameron Secrets' Full Day Discovery Tour can be booked through Father’s Guest House (and neighbouring Gerard’s Place, part of the same company) at a cost of 96MYR per person which was around £15. Food and drink was not provided so we’d advise packing your own or treating yourself at the Tea Shop in the plantation (which is also a great place to pick up gifts for people back home).

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