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Where to eat in Bali: Our favourite warungs & restaurants

Whatever your budget, you can eat like a king in Bali. From roadside warungs to fancy restaurants, here's a few of our favourites.

As a guide, IDR 10,000 equates to around 53 pence or 0.70 US cents.


One of the busiest spots in Bali is home to some seriously good food. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan restaurants here, as well as cooking schools (such as Paon Bali). 


This is an initiative of the Fair Future Foundation, a Swiss charity that offers free health care, education and medical assistance to those in need, and Yayasab Bali Sari, a Balinese NGO. They offer hearty portions and a relaxed environment to munch in, too. Their chicken cashew nut stir fry is highly recommended.

Average cost of a main meal: IDR 65,000
Large Bintang: IDR 35,000


This is the place for small plates and sharing. Most meals cost under IDR 15,000 so it’s a great opportunity to try lots of different dishes (read: the entire menu). Most of the tables are shared benches, so you'll make some new friends too.

Average cost of a main meal: IDR 40,000
Large Bintang: IDR 30,000


Set high above the road, to a soundtrack of funky music, and home to the friendliest and most enthusiastic staff we met in Bali, Melting Wok Warung is one of Ubud's best. The menu, which is written on blackboards, is not extensive, but what they do, they do very well. 

Average cost of a main meal: IDR 50,000
Large Bintang: IDR 35,000


Just opposite the palace, this elegant restaurant and bar frequently host jazz nights. The satay platters are scrumptious, however there's also sate by the skewer and other sharing plates available. It's fairly pricey, but worth it for the chance to listen to good live music.

Average cost of a main meal: IDR 90,000
Large Bintang: IDR 45,000


If you're into fine dining, then a visit to one of Asia's 50 Best Restaurants is a must. Locavore uses locally sourced ingredients to create impeccably-presented European-style dishes. They offer five- or seven-course tasting menus, with the option of a drinks pairing. Expect lots of little treats along the way too…

Average cost of a main meal: IDR 770,000
Large Bintang: Don't even think about it! Cocktails cost around IDR 125,000, or choose the drinks pairing with your menu.

GILI AIR (Lombok)

As you may have guessed, seafood is the main draw of the Gili Islands, but that's not all...


If you're going to cave and eat Western food, here is the place to do it. Big, brawny burgers slathered with thick slices of cheese are served with chunky chips. Wash it down with an ice cold beer and watch the horse and carts go by.

Average cost of a main meal: IDR 60,000
Large Bintang: IDR 35,000


Most restaurants on Gili Air will do barbecue nights, and for some, this is all they do. Fresh fish is laid out for you to see what's on offer, and you pay by weight (e.g. 100g of fresh prawn for IDR 60,000). Barbecues tend to come with either fries or jacket potato with a side of salad. Tip: look out for places that have their fish sitting on ice and covered by clingfilm to keep the flies off. 

Average cost of a main meal: IDR 100,000
Large Bintang: IDR 35,000


Ruby cooks up a storm in the kitchen while husband Jeremy hosts. Jeremy has lived in Australia, Bali and now Gili Air, and he joked that if they keep migrating to smaller islands, it will end up just being just them two and a single palm tree! The food is stunning and we'd advise booking - in high season they only take reservations before 7.00pm, otherwise expect to queue. 

Average cost of a main meal: IDR 50,000
Large Bintang: IDR 35,000


Trendy Seminyak is more upmarket than Kuta, and prices sometimes reflect that whilst not necessarily relating to quality, so choose your restaurants wisely...


Quirky lighting, hip music and fantastic food made this our number one breakfast spot in Bali. Their red velvet pancakes are apparently to die for, but we wanted something savoury, so chose Eggs Benedict #1 (pulled pork with a lime hollandaise) and smashed avocado on toast.

Average cost of a main meal: IDR 60,000
Large Bintang: For breakfast? No no, go for a smoothie or a juice with a bamboo straw for around IDR 30,000


We stumbled across The Cabin because it was right next to where we were staying. The saloon interior with funky music was intriguing. Menu was simple and tasty, and very reasonably priced for the area. 

Average cost of a main meal: IDR 45,000
Large Bintang: IDR 30,000


They say they do the best pork ribs in Bali. Sticky, sweet and meaty, they were pretty darn good. Their staff offer a sing-song welcome to any passersby which makes them stand out from the other restaurants in Kayu Aya Square (all of which look equally tempting, by the way).

Average cost of a main meal: IDR 65,000
Large Bintang: IDR 20,000


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