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Sailing the Whitsunday Islands with Ricochet Yachting

When I planned to visit the Hamilton Island, I had dreams of sailing the Whitsundays with a champagne glass in hand, stopping to snorkel in the turquoise waters and walk along the fine sand beaches.

I was flying from Sydney to meet a friend I hadn't seen since we lived together in London. As she worked on the island, she knew exactly which boat we should choose for our day out on the water.

Ricochet is luxurious: stunning in design with a beautiful interior, it's no surprise that Belle Magazine dubbed it 'exquisite'.

Frank Hobson, the Director of Ricochet Yachting, has sailed some of the most impressive Super Yachts in the world over a twenty-year career. He knows a thing or two about professional yachting, having also spent years in command of Richard Branson's 'Necker Belle'. With Frank at the helm, you couldn't be in better hands.

Our first stop was Whitehaven Beach, famous for its soft silica sand that squeaks beneath your feet. It's so fine, it can be used to polish jewellery. As you can see, we wore fetching stinger suits to protect us from the irukandji jellyfish - one of the smallest and most venomous in the world. 

Back on board, lunch was served. We tucked into fresh salad, cool prawns, cured meats and soft bread and sheltered from the midday sun.

After lunch, we snorkelled at Pit Stop Bay near Border Island, a secluded area with no other boats in sight. We spotted some of the most beautiful coral I've ever seen, groupers, angel fish and more. 

Our time in the water didn't just leave us with salt in our hair and a killer tan, it reminded us how beautiful our world is and how important it is to protect it. Oceans and reefs are vulnerable, and it's hard to imagine the Whitsunday Islands without the crystal clear waters and thriving reef system. In fact, it's pretty devastating.

On our journey back to Hamilton Island, we settled into the gentle rhythm of the ocean with a glass of bubbly, we sat out on the back deck and admired the little islands we passed, we relaxed on the front trampolines and had a catnap on the leather couch inside.

With the evening sun beating down on our skin and the wind on our faces, we enjoyed the silence on the water, the friendly conversations with our fellow travellers and the stories of our skipper and deckhand.

Whitehaven Beach


We had an incredible day aboard Ricochet and highly recommend sailing the Whitsundays with them.  

A full day and sunset cruise costs $390 and includes a full circumnavigation of Whitsunday Island (stopping at Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet), a couple of hours snorkelling and all food and drink.

Sailing the Whitsundays with Ricochet Yachting

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