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S'age Bistronomy: Fine Dining in Crows Nest

Fusing Australian, French and Japanese cuisine, Tomoyaki's tasting menu is an unique culinary journey that surprised and excited us. Rachel and I have had our fair share of fine dining experiences - most notably when visited Noma in 2012 - so we jumped at the chance to try Crow's Nest's latest offering when we were housesitting nearby.

Following some delicious tartlets, compliments of the chef, Tomoyaki's menu began in earnest. The amaebi prawns were an incredible start. Sweet, juicy and served at just above freezing in temperature, the prawns served as a delicate introduction menu full of finesse. The horseradish 'snow' and artichoke, the textures are a hit.

Having been in Australia for 6 months it time for us to try some Ozzie tucker, superior restaurant-style. The smoked crocodile was unlike anything that we'd had before. I'd eaten crocodile on a previous trip and found it to be quite tough and rubbery. S'age, however, had treated the croc with great respect and its delicate flavours really came through.

We'd eaten kangaroo skewers in Western Australia and had found it quite tough. In contrast, served tartare and with smoked oyster, S'age gave us something new that was a real treat. Elevating humble ingredients seems to be a growing trend with budding restauranteurs, and rarely is it pulled of with such success and flair.

Tomoyaki's menu climaxed with seared venison. Succulent and juicy, it was a delicious (if a little small) plate of food that we gladly devoured.

Accompanying the tasting menu were a variety of Australian and international wines. Whilst we would've expected a sommelier for the price of our meal, the pairings were spot on and every glass complimented its accompanying dish.

Whilst the food and wine were exquisite, we think there's room for improvement with the service. The waiters were attentive and we weren't left waiting for any dishes (in fact the pace of our meal was just right), however, we felt that the staff lacked confidence when delivering the dishes and explaining the wine choices. Still, we'd recommend S'age Bistronomy; it's great restaurant in an upcoming part of town.

For more information and to book a table, visit their website.

We were invited to dine at S'Age Bistronomy. All views, photographs and typos are our own.


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