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Peak Design: the best camera straps for travel


Before we landed in Australia, we'd never really been 'into' camera straps.

In early 2017, however, we invested in new camera gear and soon realised that a camera strap would make a pretty handy accessory. Grabbing the cameras from our bag or pocket takes time and hassle, and we wanted the security of a strap when travelling to new, and sometimes busy, locations. 

We weren't fans of the simple, and sometimes scratchy, Canon strap which was freely supplied with the 760D, or the thin one supplied with Matt's Sony - that's when we found Peak Design.

Peak Design Slide Strap

At first glance, the Peak Design's Slide strap looks like a typical sling strap. Looks can be deceiving, however, as it's actually very versatile. You can wear it as a sling, around your neck or as a shoulder strap, and the aluminium adjusters make it very quick to change the length.

Secure, lightweight anchor links connect the camera to the strap and they take moments to attach, making it easy to remove the strap when it's not needed.

One of my initial concerns was the strength of the anchors, but Peak Design have made it easy for you to see if the cord is in need or replacing; made of three separate coloured layers, yellow indicates general wear and tear, whilst red is a sign that you need a new anchor.

It's made from seatbelt-style material, and we went with the blue 'Tallac' edition instead of the standard black.

As of March 2017, I've worn the Slide with my Canon 760D and various lenses nearly every day for a month. The two are pretty much inseparable now.

Peak Design Leash Strap

Matt has a little Sony HX90V, so the Leash strap was the natural choice.

It uses the same anchor links and material as the Slide, but the strap is a lot smaller in width, making it perfect for compact cameras, mirrorless, or smaller DSLRs. Matt enjoys taking video footage and the strap acts as a good stabiliser, when putting tension onto it. 

Like the Slide, it's simple to attach, versatile and strong. An added plus is that it's size means that it can fit into a pocket or glovebox when it's not being used.

Are we pleased with Peak Design?

You betcha.

Our straps are comfortable, adaptable and (we think) quite stylish by camera strap standards! The Slide is great for an across-body option, whilst the Leash is the perfect width for a neck strap for lighter gear, as it's not too intrusive.

With a lifetime warranty on all products, I'm confident that our Peak Design products won't let us down on our upcoming adventures!

Peak Design also do bags and pouches for cameras, and the same for drones.

Purchase a product through one of our links & you will receive a snazzy 10% OFF!


Thanks to Peak Designs for sending us the Slide and Leash straps for review. This post contains affiliate links which means we get a small commission which keeps Across Land & Sea going, at no extra cost to you. All opinions, photographs and typos are our own. 

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