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Five pieces of kit for summer in the Alps

There is always a 'kit nerd' when you go hiking in a group. This post won’t satisfy those looking for in depth analysis on the latest and greatest GPS watch or slimline carbon fibre walking...but we have compiled a list of some awesome and other essential bits of kit to take with you up the mountain.

Nº 1 - Drone with HD Camera

Matt's brother has a quadcopter that is great fun to fly across valleys and over waterfalls in the alps. Check out footage on our French Alps home page, or in the video below:

Nº 2 - Microfleece

Lightweight, durable and incredibly cosy, microfleece jumpers are fantastic. Weather in the mountains is always unpredictable and the higher you get, the colder it gets. Matt's Lowe Alpine microfleece has been going for at least 10 years and has been round the world with him twice!

Nº 3 - MayMyWalk App

Not essential, but the MapMyWalk app (in the MapMyFitness series from Under Armour) is an awesome piece of kit. It will save you having to buy an overpriced GPS watch, if you’re into that kind of thing. Even better, you can upload your routes and look back on where you have been.

Nº 4 - First Aid Kit

Never hike in the mountains without one. It’s worth investing in a decent kit and making sure you know how to use it. There’s tons of videos online that’ll teach you how to make a bandage into a sling etc. Better safe than sorry.

Nº 5 - Water Bottle

If it keeps you alive, its always worth taking. Make sure your bottle is a good size for the time that your walking. Recycling is great across the French Alps so instead of forking out on a reusable, just reuse the 2 litre bottles that you can pick up from any corner shop or supermarket!

Let us know what pieces of kit you love; comment below!