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Summer Activities in the Alps

With temperatures regularly tickling 30°c in July and August, summer is just as much fun as winter in the French Alps. Villages and resorts have plenty of activities to choose from; whether you consider yourself an adrenaline junkie or would rather kick back and relax with chilled glass of crisp rosé. 

Nº 1 - White Water Rafting

Rivers vary from valley to valley but racing down rapids and gliding through slow-flowing gorges is a thrilling experience for anyone, particularly first-timers! In Samoëns, the Giffre River is a great place to start. Several companies operate tours from the village square and all cover the same stretch river from Sixt fer a Cheval to the Grand Massif Express lift.

Nº 2 - Paragliding

Soaring over the valley is a refreshing way of appreciating the beauty of the The Alps. As you run off the edge of a cliff with a crazy Frenchman strapped to your back, you'll have little time to question your decision to paraglide. You'll rise on heat pockets and (providing you also have the budget) can stay in the air for well over an hour if you wish. Don't forget to ask your pilot for an "extreme" acrobatic descent if you have strong stomach!

Nº 3 - Hiking & Cycling Up (& Down) The Mountains

With countless well-marked trails crisscrossing alpine peaks, it just as easy to do an all day hike or afternoon stroll. Whilst it is important to make yourself aware of the risks of hiking in the mountains, rewarding views and the sense of personal achievement are well worth the effort. If you find yourself in the Giffre Valley, check out this post for our Top 3 Samoëns Summer Walks.

In summer it is important to make sure that you have enough supplies (especially water) and, for obvious reasons, I wouldn't attempt many walks in the winter; enjoy the world-class skiing instead!

Alternatively, cycle or drive up the mountains. The Col de Joux Plane has featured several times on the Tour de France route.

Nº 4 -Wining & Dining

Grab a glass and watch the world go by in the village square. Chamonix is a good spot for food and wine in summer. Local grapes are often the best; Gamay rosé is the perfect to cool in the hot summer sun.

Let us know if there's any other summer activities we should try next time we're in the Alps!