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What we spent on our road trip: Perth to Exmouth return

Without a strict budget, our road trip through Western Australia became quite a splurge. We spent nearly as much on our one-day whale shark snorkel tour between us as we spent on petrol for 14 days. Was it worth it? Totally. 

Exploring Australia’s deserts, gorges, coasts and countryside can no doubt be done on much less. We were less concerned with finding free places to camp, but we met others who would drive far out of town to find a no-fee spot to sleep. Signs grace most ‘shires’ stating that free camping is prohibited and fines apply, and by the end of the day we wanted a good shower so we usually just found a caravan park.

Australia is an expensive country and although we did spend more than we anticipated, the value of the experience far outweighed the cost.

TOTAL SPEND $3880 over 14 days


All costs are in Australian Dollars and based on two adults sharing.

CAR HIRE $1338 

Our trusty two-berth 2WD campervan from Lucky Rentals cost $1200, but we added a few gas cannisters and also paid an outback fee as we visited Karijini National Park. Without the fee, any accidents or breakdowns occurred would have cost us a fortune. We also went for the 'Sure Thing' $0 excess for peace of mind. 


We superwashed Bullet the campervan as she was covered in red sand and topped up her oil a few times, so this cost also includes oil and car washing. Petrol prices were certainly more expensive further north; we paid 154.9c/litre compared to lows of 104.9c/litre just outside of Perth.


As we stayed in our campervan the entire time, our accommodation costs were kept relatively low. We mainly stayed at caravan parks which had showers, cooking and laundry facilities and even swimming pools. 


Burgers became our new favourite dinner and we rarely ate out in the north. The Old Pearler in Denham, the restaurant at Karijini Eco Retreat and fish n' chips at a local in Carnarvon were what we spent our money on, aside from groceries.


We only went on one tour – the whale shark snorkel experience. Our other expenses went on snorkelling gear and our $44 park pass, which gave us access to all WA National Parks for 28 days. We would have liked to go on other tours, such as Manta Ray snorkelling in Coral Bay, but we managed to hold back.

Take a look at our itinerary for more information on where we spent!

Costs of a Perth - Exmouth road trip

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