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Clearly Filtered: clean water on the road

In our Travel Resolutions for 2017, we vowed to stop buying so many plastic bottles of water when we travel.

The amount of plastic that is used and carelessly disposed of is huge, especially in countries where tap water is unsafe to drink, so we started looking into water filters.

Leura Waterfalls, Blue Mountains

After much research, we stumbled across Clearly Filtered's Stainless Steel bottle, which claims to reduce up to 90% of Fluoride and 99.99% of other contaminants. We read plenty of reviews that were very positive and wanted to try it for ourselves.

We decided to test our bottles on various walks around Sydney, before taking them on our round-the-world trip. We were glad to find that the stainless steel bottle is light and stylish, easy to attach to a backpack and generally pleasant to carry around. Can you see it poking out of Matt's bag? 

The great thing about this bottle is that you can fill it from pretty much any freshwater source.

Once you've done so, you just suck through the straw like a normal bottle - the water is filtered as you drink. The internal filter works well for over 100 gallons of water, which should last for at least six months, but most likely far longer for the average drinker! 

Not only does it make water safer to drink, but it saves a lot of money (and of course, plastic!) 

Chinese Garden of Friendship, Sydney

So, what about the drawbacks?

You can't squeeze it to expel water as you can with standard or athletic bottles (such as their Athletic Edition), so it's not good to use for brushing your teeth, for example. It also doesn't purify, so whilst it inhibits development of bacteria it does not remove bacteria, or viruses, for that matter. This is when a water purifier comes in handy, or a bottle that both filters AND purifies.

Despite these cons, this is still a fantastic product which we will genuinely enjoy using, at home and abroad.

To purchase your own, click here

Thanks to Clearly Filtered for sending us these bottles to review. This post contains affiliate links which means that we receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, which helps us to keep Across Land & Sea going! All opinions, photographs, and typos are our own.

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