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How to visit Capri on a day trip - without breaking the bank

Popular with the super-rich and heaving with day trippers, Capri is really, really good-looking. A cappuccino will set you back €7 and some beaches come with a €20 price tag - many pay the bill through gritted teeth or choose not to visit altogether. We enjoyed a lazy day trip to Capri and are pleased to say it didn't cost us an arm and a leg. Here's how. 


We were in Sorrento during peak season, so we went to book our return ferry to Capri a few days' before we intended to travel, expecting it to be busy. We were quoted prices but advised by a local to come back on the morning of our departure to get a cheaper deal. We did so, and saved ourselves about €10 each. 


As soon as you get off the ferry, there are numerous tour operators offering overpriced trips to the Blue Grotto. Ignore them, and catch the local bus past Anacapri to where the rowing boats will be waiting. The short trip inside will cost around €10. Alternatively, haggle for a longer boat trip around the island that includes the Blue Grotto in the price, though we're unsure how much this will be as we didn't do this ourselves. 


Capri town is full of people, designer shops and swanky hotels, so if you fancy something a little more raw take the public orange bus to Anacapri. Quiet streets dotted with smart shops, interesting artwork and the chairlift (return trip €11) to Monte Solaro make this small town worth a visit. You can find slightly cheaper restaurants and you'll breathe a sigh of relief at how much more peaceful it is.


We spent our entire afternoon at Da Gelsomina, located a fifteen-minute walk from the centre of Anacapri. With its own vegetable garden, orchard and vineyard, most of their meals and wine is grown and produced on site, and is superb. There's a good-sized pool for day visitors as well as those staying in the bed and breakfast, with breathtaking views of the ocean. If we knew about this place earlier, we would have been tempted to stay overnight.


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