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Where to next? Mapping the world with travel posters by Bold Tuesday

Our flat in South East London is filled with artwork that embodies the joy of travel. 

The painting of a tiger's head that I picked up from a single stall on a dirt road in Ghana, the brightly-coloured skulls we haggled for in Mexico City, and the Guatemalan market scene painted by a young man in San Juan la Laguna. 

These pieces hold a special place in our heart because they immortalise our memories of a particular country, sharpening our sense of space and time. 

On returning to London, we also wanted to adorn our walls with things that would inspire our next adventure, instead of just reminding us of previous ones.

That's how we discovered Bold Tuesday

Kairi and Markus are designers based in Tallinn, Estonia. They create travel posters and interactive maps which are beautifully simple and simply beautiful. Their minimal, monochrome designs were unlike any maps we had seen before, and two of them now hang proudly in our living room. 

The Find It World poster is like my dream word-search puzzle. Each country is hidden between the letters and you can keep it plain or highlight the countries you have been to - or where you want to go next.

The chic List of Countries poster offers a clever perspective, listing countries by size from the largest to the smallest. It also comes with little red stickers so you can mark countries as you wish. 

Bold Tuesday offer a more traditional scratch map, too. This starts out completely black and the countries can be peeled off individually as you visit somewhere new. They also have a colour map which allows you to shade the countries how you want to. In addition, you can get timeless and understated prints of individual countries, including the UK.

There are always more countries to explore, and gazing at these maps makes you realise how vast and diverse the world is.

Looking at the the Scottie-dog outline of Australia, we are filled with nostalgia, remembering the nine months we spent there. Our eyes drift down, and we realise that we never knew Pakistan was shaped like that.

Every Bold Tuesday travel map allows you to tell your own story, and that's why we love them. Where have you travelled before and where would you like to go next? 

be bold & treat yourself (or a friend)

You can get 15% off when purchasing from the Bold Tuesday website with our exclusive discount code: ACROSS15. But hurry, this offer is only valid until 31 August 2018!

Let us know which poster is your favourite :)

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