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Seven reasons why you should live and work in Sydney instead of London


At the end of June we quit our jobs, packed our bags and moved to Sydney. 

We wanted to build our travel funds and after living in London for just over two years, we knew that it would be easier to do in Australia. 

Matt's first experience of Australia was in 2011 as a 19-year-old wide-eyed backpacker. He loved the East Coast and had always vowed to come to live and work in Sydney.

It didn't take us long to decide to migrate to New South Wales, and after three months here, we couldn't be happier.

Here's our reasons why we moved to Sydney to work, and why you should consider it too. 

Nº 1 - The money is better

Talking with other British expats, this is a truth almost universally acknowledged. 

Australia's minimum wage is $17.70 an hour, and even the most basic office jobs in the city typically pay from $45,000 a year. At the time of writing, this equates to around £27,000. You'd expect to get around £22,000 for the same type of job in London.

It's not all about money (as we discuss below) but it does have a huge impact on quality of life! 


Many UK corporate companies have a ‘face time’ culture. Pair this with the average commute from central London and you get home with barely enough time to cook dinner before bed. 

Over the past few weeks, we've had time to cook up a storm in the kitchen, go to mid-week local pub quizzes, watch the sunset behind the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge - and still watch an episode or two of Black Mirror when we get in!


Whilst there’s no denying that London beats Sydney on the arts and culture front, there are no shortage of outdoor adventures to be had in Australia. You’re never far from a National Park and we’ve been in awe at some of the landscapes we’ve seen here. 

In Sydney, you're close to beaches, a few hours drive to the mountains, wine regions and forests - what could be better? From yoga in the park

Nº 4 - The weather is great

It's a fact - British people love talking about the weather! Whether it's moaning that the rain may never end or rejoicing that the temperature has reached over 25 degrees, it's a hot topic (excuse the pun).

In Sydney, there's more bright blue skies, less rain, hot summers and average winters (think British springtime temperatures). Sunsets are Instagram-worthy and walking by the water on a sunny day is something special.

Our days of sweaty London commutes on the tube followed by freezing walks to the office are gone (for now!)

Nº 5 - the Healthy lifestyle is 'in'

We find that most people are more active than in London, and whilst that means you see a lot of heavily made up girls in their gymwear pottering around edgy cafes, the healthy lifestyle is infectious.

From yoga in the park to boot camp on the beach, there's plenty of activities going on to encourage people to look after themselves.

Nº 6 - there's LITTLE culture shock

The divide between Australian and British culture isn’t chalk and cheese. The lack of a language barrier and similar values make moving to Australia a relatively painless process.

There are also huge expat communities, so if you get fed up of listening to Australians talking about TimTams and Vegemite, you're never far away from a fellow Brit! 

Nº 7 - It’s the other side of the world, but it ain’t that far

It’s no secret that the world is becoming a smaller place. We are over 10,500 miles from our families and friends, yet we can chat with them easily via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, iMessage, FaceTime, Skype… we probably talk to some of our family more in Australia than we did when we were living an hour away, in London!

Flights are also getting cheaper. A friend just booked to come and visit for £750 return, just two days before the flight left the UK. We flew to Sydney one-way for £450.

Although we love Sydney, our hearts are in London and we don't think we could live in Australia forever. There's plenty to love, but as you'll see in our post about useful things to know before visiting Sydney, it's not all rosy!


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