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Where to stay on the Amalfi Coast

Whether it's your first time in Italy or you've visited before, the Amalfi Coast is likely to be somewhere on your bucket list. To give you an idea of what town will suit you, here's an overview of the main places you can stay. If you're travelling to Italy in high season, we would advise booking ahead.


Choose Sorrento as your base if you want a strategic position for day trips to Pompeii and other coastal towns. It is crowded, but during high season pretty much all of the Amalfi Coast is! There is a large range of restaurants and shops and the train station is a short walk from the centre. Plenty of boats leave to Capri and Ischia from here. We chose to stay in Sorrento as it fit well into our itinerary.


More luxurious than Sorrento, pretty Positano with its pastel houses and cliff-side location make it the town your most likely to see on the Amalfi Coast postcard. Prices are generally high and there is a wealth of glamorous restaurants and bars to visit. It has a small sandy beach for sun worshippers.


As beautiful as Positano (in our opinion) but not so pricey, Amalfi has medieval buildings and a prime location in between Sorrento and Salerno, making it a great spot to stay if you’re planning to visit the majority of the coast. Day trips to Pompeii and Naples are more difficult to organise and will take significantly longer than if you were staying in Sorrento.

OTHER OPTIONS include romantic Ravello, high in the mountains and away from the crowds, with no direct beach access. Salerno is a good choice if you seek a transport hub and a grittier vibe, and tiny Praiano with its awesome beach and great hikes is worth investigating. 


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