Across Land & Sea is a travel blog dedicated to the modern explorer who sees the beauty in authentic experiences.

It was born out of dissatisfaction, after a search for thoughtful and practical travel advice led to yet another “10 best Instagram spots in [insert city here]” blog post.

My honest guides and beautiful photography are designed to guide your curiosity, stoke your wanderlust and help you make the most of your adventure.

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Well-crafted and compact guides offering wanderlust and practical advice on my favourite towns and cities around the world.


Matt and I were mid-way through a 6-month travel adventure, ‘umm’ing and ‘aah’ing about whether we could really afford to visit the Galápagos. The islands had been on our radar after we both watched David Attenborough’s famed documentary series, and we were desperate to experience the wildlife and landscape for ourselves.

So, what did we do?

We decided to count the pennies, book a last-minute cruise and make the the best travel decision of our lives so far.

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My mother started taking me to the theatre as soon as I could walk.

I now work in London and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else permanently - the arts scene is unparalleled and I try to go to the theatre once a fortnight. When I'm not writing about travel, I enjoy writing theatre reviews.


Five states, four wine regions, three road trips, two city jobs.

One incredible adventure. 

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