I’m Rachel, a London-based lover of travel, lusting over beautiful landscapes and intriguing places.

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In June 2016, I left England for Australia with my partner, Matt.

When we weren't drinking wine in Margaret River, sailing the Whitsunday Islands and driving the Great Ocean Road, we worked in Sydney to save up over $20,000 to travel the world.

We returned to London in August 2017, after spending a considerable amount of time swinging in hammocks in one of these six countries







My mother started taking me to the theatre as soon as I could walk.
I now work in London and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else - the arts scene is unparalleled and I generally go to the theatre once a week. I follow the works of Headlong, Complicité, Kneehigh and Punchdrunk, and I am partial to a great musical. When I'm not writing about travel, I enjoy writing theatre reviews.




Five states, four wine regions, three road trips, two city jobs.

One incredible adventure. 

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